ENT Services

The Department of ENT (Otolaryngology) at the Yenopoya Specialty Hospital provides comprehensive clinical services to patients. Its has a team of highly qualified physicians delivering outstanding patient care.

The Department is committed to excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose, and throat diseases. We offer highest standard of specialised services with the latest in medical technologies and treatment approaches. The department provides service for adults and children on an inpatient and outpatient basis.

ENT Medical Procedures

  • Microsurgery of the ear
  • Treatment for deafness & ear infections
  • Treatment for sinus problems (nose blocks/headache), surgical/balloon sinuplasty
  • Treatment for voice related problems
  • Treatment for thyroid, salivary gland and neck tumours
  • Headaches
  • Vertigo Evaluation
  • Diagnostic services: hearing evaluation, speech evaluation & therapy, deafness testing, evaluation of giddiness(vertigo)
  • Hearing Devices

Audiology & Speech centre

Audiology aims at Identifying, assessing and rehabilitating hearing, balance and related functions (Tinnitus, hyperacusis) for individuals from birth to adulthood, along with the assistance of the ENT professionals.

Audiology concerns in dealing with individuals complaining of reduced hearing or any other uncomfortable conditions in the ear (For example, pain, itching, blocking sensation, ringing sensation). Further with the recommendation of the ENT professional, a non-medical diagnosis is given to help in identifying and confirming the site and degree of problem in the ear.

With respect to balance, the organ of balance is located in the inner part of the ear close to the auditory nerve and often (not always), this part is the cause of dizziness. Consequently, individuals experiencing a balance disorder often have a hearing loss which is evaluated by the audiologist.

At Yenepoya Speciality Hospital, we aim to improve the quality of life for each person and family by correcting and enhancing the ability to hear, understand, and thus, communicate better. Services provided by our department of Audiology include:

  • Evaluating hearing sensitivity and word recognition
  • Evaluating middle ear and inner ear functions
  • Evaluating and treating balance disorders
  • Hearing Screening for new born infants
  • Counselling patients and their families and caregivers
  • Fitting hearing aids
  • Determining an individual’s need for assistive device
  • Speech Therapy

The Audiologist in our hospital holds a master’s degree in Audiology from an accredited university program with specialized training in the prevention, identification, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of persons with hearing and balance problems.

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