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The phrase -“PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE” applies most aptly when it comes to ones health issues. This is why Doctors advise on getting regular Preventive Health Checkups, to help us keep a track of our health. Preventive Health Checkup is a series of medical tests undertaken to understand measures needed for disease prevention.

Benefits of Preventive Health Checkup


Motivates to lead a healthier and active lifestyle, thereby, helps in increasing longevity.


Early detection of a health condition that can be potentially life threatening.


Increase chances for receiving early treatment, and sometimes cure.


Regular monitoring of pre-existing health conditions and, thereby preventing the risk of complications.


A regular Preventive Health Checkup can save money in the long run. i.e., it can lower further health care costs.

Why Choose Us ?


We have a affordable and trustworthy preventive health checkup packages tailor made for individual needs.


NABH Certified Hospital.


Team of Physicians and Paramedics committed to provide the best medical care.


24 hours well equipped Diagnostic services manned by qualified efficient staffs.

Guidelines for Health Check up

  • The client should reach the hospital by 8AM with 10-12 hours fasting status i.e., on empty stomach for tests on fasting or at the appointed time i.,e., between 8AM to 11AM for tests on non-fasting status.
  • He/She should be in fasting for a minimum of 10 hours. They can have water, but not hot or cold beverages.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption for minimum of 12 hours before health check up.
  • If already registered at the hospital, provide the registered mobile number or hospital registration number at the time of fixing up the appointment and at the time of reporting to the hospital.
  • Do  bring all your Medical Prescriptions and Previous Health Medical Records (if any) .
  • Clients with existing co-morbid conditions, should take their regular medicines if any after the fasting blood sample collection.
  • Kindly inform the Health Check up Executive, in case you have a history of Diabetes or Cardiac problems at the time of registration.
  • Based on the medical condition, the consultant may recommend a few further tests or consultations. Any further tests or consultations recommended by the consultants will not be a part of this package and hence will be charged extra. The availability of reports in such instances will depend on the nature of tests.
  • Please note that minimum time required for the completion of the heath checkup process would take  4- 6 hours. It may be less or more depending on the appointments on that day as well as the type of packages. Please bear with us if there is any unexpected delay.
  • Please come in Casual comfortable clothing and easily removable footwear. Avoid jewelleries.

Special Note for Ladies

  • Pregnant or if suspecting pregnancy ; do not get any x-ray or mammography done.
  • Ladies below the age group of 40 years ; preferably are adviced to undergo sonomammogram.
  • Urine routine and PAP Smear test cannot be conducted during menstrual period.

Happy Healthy You

Our Preventive Health Checkup packages are designed keeping patient comfort and satisfaction as our number one priority. We would love to see you healthy always. Hence we urge you to carry out Preventive Health Checkup atleast once a year to keep you updated about your health conditions.

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