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    Front Office and Admissions

    Responsiveness, Attitude and Communication of the Staff

    Time taken for Admission and Bed Availability

    Information and Clarity Regarding Insurance Schemes and Insurance Process

    Timeliness of Billing Process and Explanation on Billing Breakup


    Consultant’s Timely Visit and Response for the Query

    Clarity on the Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

    Satisfaction about Interaction and Communication

    Nursing Care

    Responsiveness, Attitude and Communication of the Nurses

    Timeliness of Drug Administration

    Overall Skills and Courtesy

    Patient Care

    Coordinator’s Communication and Rapport

    Response Towards your Comfort and Concerns

    Diagnostic Services

    Waiting Time and Reliability of the diagnostic Services

    Timely Dispatch of the Report

    Pharmacy Services

    Availability of Prescribed Medicines in the Pharmacy

    Time taken to Dispatch the Medicines

    Food And Dietary Services

    Clarity on the Prescribed Diet by the Consultant and Dietitian

    Quality of the Food(Taste, Temperature and Hygiene)

    Timeliness of Serving the Prescribed Diet

    Support Services

    Efficiency and Responsiveness of the Housekeeping and Security Staff

    Linen and Laundry Services

    Parking Facilities

    Overall Satisfaction

    Hospital Environment(Cleanliness and Quietness)

    Room Ambience and Cleanliness

    Cleanliness of the Washroom

    Satisfaction with the Discharge Process

    Overall Satisfaction with our Services