On July 7, 2024, Dr. Deepak Rai, Robotic Joint Replacement & Arthroscopy surgeon, from Yenepoya Specialty Hospital delivered an enlightening talk on “Robotic Knee Replacement: Artificial Intelligence with a Human Touch” at the IMA House. This event was part of the Doctors’ Day celebration, organized by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) Mangalore branch in collaboration with Yenepoya Specialty Hospital.

Dr. Rai’s presentation, enhanced by a fantastic PowerPoint, captivated the audience of esteemed doctors. His talk highlighted the significant benefits of robotic surgery over conventional methods, emphasizing precision, reduced recovery time, and improved patient outcomes. Additionally, he delved into the latest advancements in artificial intelligence within the medical field, showcasing how AI is transforming healthcare by providing personalized and efficient care.

The presentation was met with resounding applause, reflecting the appreciation and enthusiasm of the attendees for the promising future of medical technology.